Chalk DrawingsOur lively immersion classes integrate play, music, movement, and art to engage children and connect the foreign sounds and words to everyday items and activities.

We also have linked up with the Creative Dance Center to provide the Brain Dance adpated in all languages we teach as a routine warm up each week in class. The brain dance is the brainchild of Creative Dance Center owner Anne Green Gilbert. It is a series of fundamental movement patterns that wire the central nervous system laying the foundation for sensory-motor development and life long learning.

Our quarterly themes are brought to life through music, stories, and games that are often familiar to parents and easy to repeat in the home.

We provide weekly vocabulary and lyrics so parents can reinforce the language outside of class, whether or not the parent has previous language experience or fluency.

Children learn quickly! To support them, we encourage parents to learn along with their children without translating during class.


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