What Parents Say About Our Classes

“Our daughter took French classes for two years and developed a love of another language, culture, and music. This introduction has made a lasting, positive impression on her.  We highly recommend the program to anyone with small children and a desire to expand their vocabulary and opportunities.”

“I wanted to expose my daughter to another language (French) as I thought that hearing other languages would increase her communication abilities in all of the languages she knows – which for my toddler includes English, a little sign language, and a lot of tantrum-ese. We both loved the class; this past quarter we studied animals and my daughter enjoyed the fun and play of that and it added to her enjoyment of reading her own books.”

“Our family was in search of a fun and welcoming atmosphere to introduce our toddler son to a second language, we found it in Polly-Glots. We have enjoyed learning French with our high-energy and compassionate teacher, Tanya. We’re thrilled with our son’s enthusiasm for participating in class and look forward to class each week.”

“Mai Sensei is a wonderful teacher. She has great energy and always includes all the children. We really love interacting with her children who are fluent in Japanese and help out with the classes! Thank you Polly-Glots!”

“These classes are not just for bilingual families! I do not speak a second language well (high school French over 20 years ago doesn’t really count….) but me and my toddler have enjoyed these classes very much. They have given my son the opportunity to be exposed to new sounds and rhythms of speech when his ears can really soak it in, and to learn those valuable skills of listening to a teacher, sitting in a circle, following instructions,etc. to get him ready for school.”

“Tanya really keeps the class moving and interesting with lots of fun activities: I think of it as a movement class, art class, and music class all in one with the bonus of hearing a foreign language spoken by an expert. There is no way you can do this with books or cd’s and no teacher–the human interaction is really key.”

“I have also found it a great starting place to talk about different cultures and travel ideas for the future (Montreal this summer perhaps, France when they are a little bigger!) Besides, it is amazing to have your two year old correct you when you get the vocabulary mixed up–this stuff really does soak in.”

“Having Polly-Glots has added another dimension to our variety of course offerings for our community. We had had numerous requests for a language program and were impressed when Polly-Glots approached us with their experience, knowledge, and well-thought out curriculum for preschoolers. They have been a wonderful addition to our center!”
-Tracy / North Kirkland Community Center

“I wanted to let you know how much we have enjoyed having Polly-Glots at our elementary school. The kids are really enjoying the games, songs, hands on activities, and speaking practice. They are learning so much and having fun doing it!”

“We have also really appreciated the easy administration of your classes, and how you bring everything needed for the class. It makes it so easy for us to have you here. The videos have been a big plus too. The kids like how they can see you reminding them of what they have learned in such a short, easy fun way.”

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