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Polly-Glots Combines Language and Movement for an Enriched Learning Experience – click here to read more

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Twirl Cafe

We’re excited to be offering classes at Queen Anne’s new Twirl Cafe, “Seattle’s best and most sophisticated child friendly Bistro”. Sign up for a class now!


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Creative Dance
Ever heard of the Brain Dance?

Not only is this routine beneficial for children and adults of all ages, Polly-Glots now does the routine in foreign language which is like a double dose of goodness for your kiddos!

Developed by Anne Green Gilbert, owner of the Creative Dance Center in Seattle, the BrainDance:

“is a series of exercises…comprised of eight fundamental movement patterns that we move through in the first year of life. Research has shown that these patterns are crucial to the wiring of our central nervous system. As babies, we did these movements on our tummies on the floor. However, cycling through these patterns sitting or standing has been found to be beneficial. This “dance” is an excellent full body and brain warm-up for children and adults in all settings.”

More information is on the Creative Dance Center’s website.


Movement specialist, Ines Andrade, who recently joined us as a French and Spanish instructor, has helped the Polly-Glot Tot team adapt the Brain Dance into French, Spanish and Mandarin using a combination of traditional, popular and some of our own songs so that we can bring the routine into our program each class!

What does this mean for you?

-We do the brain dance together each week! Don’t worry if your child doesn’t catch on right away. Like all routines, it takes time to learn.
-We know the little ones like to move around. The BrainDance is a series of pretty big movements and focused attention.
-Doing the BrainDance in a foreign language is a great way to learn seven songs!
-Parents benefit too. This may be the only stretching you do in a week!

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