A Smart Preschool Language Program

How it Works

Polly-Glot Tots Preschool provides a turn-key mobile program.

It’s as easy as un, deux, trois!

  1. Start-up
    Once we agree details and scheduling, you receive your kit and meet your teacher. Registration fees include all learning materials. If needed, registration and administration is managed through the Polly-Glot Tots website.
  2. Run
    Your dedicated teacher arrives each week to teach classes to deliver a minimum two hours of instruction. Classes are either 25 minutes with a minimum of four classes or 50 minutes with a minimum of two classes. At the end of class, the teacher stores materials for the next class. If previously agreed, your facility benefits from a further learning opportunity by adding a themed artwork activity to your day after the Polly-Glot Tots class.
  3. Maintain
    At the end of the term, your facility secures new program. A new kit will include everything the teacher needs for the new curriculum. Polly-Glots Preschool makes teaching and learning languages easy and fun.

What to Expect:

Each class is structured and includes segments such as hello, BrainDance, story time, games, good-bye, clean up and any other themed or seasonally appropriate activities.

  • All learning materials for the semester are provided by Polly-Glot Tots.
  • The kit is a lightweight container on castors and stays on-site during the program.
  • Vocabulary, bingo cards and all class materials can be shared with the preschool and parents through our website.
  • Each curriculum concludes with a number of takeaways, depending on the theme.
  • We have a 100% guarantee. Young children are at the prime age for learning language. Everyone will learn!

Beyond the Class:

Beyond language class: the emphasis on learning through music will invariably become a regular lexicon outside class.

  • Each child receives their own music CD to further support learning and fun outside the classroom.
  • Each lesson can be extended to include an art project related to the weekly lesson.
  • Curriculum-related learning materials are available on our website whenever you want to practice.

Each week your students will look forward to the Polly-Glot Tots teacher coming to teach them new words through playful activities.

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