Preschool FAQs

Why should I add a language program to my preschool? 
The best time to learn language coincides with preschool. Think about it. By age six, children are articulate and have a good command of their native language. Beyond preschool, the flexibility to learn a new language continues throughout childhood.

Add to your child’s building blocks

  • Children who learn foreign language have improved cognitive abilities
  • Foreign language learners are better at math and English literacy
  • There are multiple studies supporting the correlation between language learning and increased academic achievement

Worldwide, most children grow up bilingual. You and your students’ parents want your children to be on track with their global peers, and to be competitive in our growing global market.

Where do we hold the class?
We prefer an open space with as few distractions as possible. Circle time space works well. If our space is near cubbies or toys, we ask that you drape a sheet over them to help the group stay focused.

When is the best time for language class? 
Any time! It is really up to you and your class and we are flexible. If we are working with multiple groups at your location during different times, it may be helpful for you to conduct classes during playtime. That way, some children can be outside (or in a play area) while others have class before switching.

Can we have a summer camp? 
Yes. Let us know the language and dates in which you are interested, and we’ll build a program together.

We are learning particular subject and want language classes to parallel what we are learning. Can you help with that? 
Yes. We are flexible and open to customizing a program that best fits your needs.

Can we have more than one language? 
Yes. The kit we leave in your classroom can hold class materials for multiple languages.

How much can a child really learn in a weekly 25-minute class? 
In one week not much, but in just a few weeks you will be surprised. We all learn language in the same way; one utterance, word and sentence at a time. Because our program is packed with kinesthetic and musical learning, they will pick up new words and phrases in a few weeks. We guarantee it.

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