Why Polly-Glot Tots Preschool?

Studies show that learning a language at an early age improves cognitive functioning, academic performance as well as basic skill development.

At Polly-Glot Tots, we are passionate about the power of early foreign language education. That’s why our Preschool Language Program makes it easy for you to bring this great learning opportunity into your classroom.

  • Easy to implement into your curriculum
  • Highly trained, dedicated, native-speaking instructors
  • Innovative teaching methods, including Anne Green Gilbert’s Brain Dance, a movement-based learning practice
  • Unique learning materials for in-class learning and home practice
  • Personal account manager to handle administration and registration (if needed)
  • Website tools and resources available for students and parents
  • Polly-Glot Tots is a Seattle-based business founded in 2006. We research, test and continually improve our program to bring children and their parents the best language experience possible.

Our on-site classes in Spanish, French, Mandarin and Japanese incorporate play, songs and movement to engage young minds and ignite cultural curiosity. Each ten-week term teaches children themed and basic words, and is guaranteed to have children speaking the language after a few weeks.

Make the best investment in your students’ futures.
Contact Polly-Glot Tots today at info@pollyglottots.com.

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