Your Polly-Glot Tots Team

A dedicated teacher will be yours for the duration of the program, with the exception of the rare need for a substitute. 

Your teacher:

  • Is experienced and trained by Polly-Glot Tots to use the kit, deliver the curriculum and manage the classroom.
  • Is a native-level speaker and a dedicated teacher for your facility.
  • Shares your passion for teaching children and has a strong standing in the community.

Your account manager is readily available to help with scheduling, administration or any other classroom needs.

Your facility and parents will be provided with a link to the classroom and learning materials on our website.

Polly-Glot Tots has been teaching foreign languages to Seattle-area children between the ages of one and five since 2006. We have researched, tested and continually improved our program to bring our communities the best language experience possible. Contact  us at today to schedule a free demonstration class in your preschool or daycare center.

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